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Diskriminierung in der Schule

The photo entitled “Strach” (Fear) was created by Jadwiga Pieronkiewicz, then a student at ...
By Carlina Stroux (2010) Germany
on 2022-08-31

How Racism Destroys our Lives

The drawing was made by Jakob Förderer, then a student at the German School of Toulouse, who used i...
By Anna Zoreva (2006) Germany
on 2022-08-30

Anni di razzismo

– The picture is from Pixabay, thank you! –    Anni di razzismo Al giorno d`og...
By Sara Bruna Orologio (2005) Italy
on 2022-08-28

Ramadan – The Holy Month for Muslims

In 2022, from April 2nd to May 2nd, Muslims celebrate their holy month of Ramadan. – The picture i...
By Arezu Lehner (2003) Germany
on 2022-04-28

Patrick Zaki - The Price for Human Rights

 Thanks to the folks from Pixabay for the image.    THE PRICE FOR HUMAN RIGHTS: THE...
By Laura Bastianini (2004) Italy
on 2022-04-28

Quale mascherina contro il virus del razzismo

March 21st is International Day Against Racism.  The picture was created by Jacopo Gi...
By Jacopo Giulivi (2005) Italy
on 2022-03-21

Il rispetto dell´ `essenza´ di ognuno

  Photo taken by Agnese Corradini     IL RISPETTO DELL’ ”ESSENZA” DI OGNUNO...
By Agnese Corradini (2006) Italy
on 2022-03-15

Basta preoccupazioni. Vivi senza complicazioni!

Article by Angela Filolli, Elisa Cecchini, Arianna Scarponi; drawing by Elisa Cecchini. In order t...
By Angela Filolli (2005) Italy
on 2022-03-15

Il rischio di cambiare

  Painting by Gloria Vertecchi     IL RISCHIO DI CAMBIARE   La vita è fat...
By Pietro Morosi (2005) Italy
on 2022-03-15

Essere Afroamericani negli USA

Image taken from Pixabay.      Sofferenze a catena: essere Afroamericani negl...
By Giulia Valente (2004) Italy
on 2022-03-15


Image taken from Pixabay   COVID-19 Circa 2 anni fa, verso la fine di gennaio, è iniziata a...
By Maria Grazia Hodinet (2005) Italy
on 2022-03-15

It´s not justice, it´s accountability

The English text is the original version of Arezu’s article. Scroll, please, to read it in the lan...
By Arezu Lehner (2003) Germany
on 2022-02-02

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