Conditions of participation in the trait d’union Editorial Office

  1. How to registrate as a trait d’union editor (active user / member)
    1. Everybody can participate, either as a group member (such as a school team) or individually. There is no age limit.
    2. The registration of minors has to be approved by their parents resp. their legal guardians on the base of these conditions of participation.
    3. In order to become a trait d’union editor, the interested person or the responsible for a group has to fill out this form and send it to the trait d’union administrators. The requested information can be used publicly for project purposes. The e-mail-addresses however can only be used by the trait d’union administrators for internal communication; they will not be published.
  2. After the registration
    1. The accepted participants will get a confirmation including their usernames and passwords by the trait d’union administrators. The editors should change their passwords afterwards.
    2. The password is strictly personal; it must not be communicated to any other person. Each member is responsible for any abuse of his username and password.
    3. The trait d’union administrators will assign each member to a certain (group) blog.
  3. Using the trait d’union Editorial Office
    1. Before logging in, each editor has to confirm to have read the newest version of these conditions of participation in the trait d’union Editorial Office, to agree to them and to respect them. (If there are changes, they will be highlighted in color.)
    2. The editor uses the blog, to which she/he may upload was assigned, in order to upload her/his project contribution(s).
    3. The editor can use blogs of other members too, if he wants to comment on their posts or to participate in a common work of members from different blogs.
    4. For the communication between the editors not being referred to certain contributions, a special “Discussion” platform should be used.
  4. Copyright / Intellectual Property Rights / Linking
    1. Within the making of project contributions, the use of parts created by persons, who don’t participate in the trait d’union project, (i.e. external elements) should be avoided at the maximum.
    2. If the use of external elements (for example music, images, persons contained in photos and videos) seems to be indispensible, the author(s) of the concerned contribution is (are) obliged to respect the copyright of the external person. The author(s) has (have) to be acquainted with eventual license terms and to respect them, for example paying royalties and mentioning the author of the used external element.
    3. All trait d’union contents are free contents, but in the case of using them the author(s) has (have) to be mentioned.
    4. Therefore the withdrawal of a project contribution at a later time by its author is subject to considerable restrictions. Such a withdrawal is only possible if the individual contribution has not become part of a common sub-project of several members or of a publication like the annual issue of trait d’union. Also if the contribution is object of a relevant comment or element of a published discussion process, it cannot be withdrawn.
    5. If an editor uses links to external websites, she/he accounts for their trustworthiness. So, links to external websites within project contributions should be put only, if their sustainable reliability is beyond doubt.
  5. Some taboos
    1. The expression of the discriminatory behavior and attitudes is not allowed within the trait d’union project, like…
      1. intolerance
      2. hatred
      3. racism
      4. propagation of degrading and marginalizing clichés
    2. Such contributions can be deleted and the membership of their authors can be cancelled.

Munich, April 24, 2016

Lothar Thiel
Project Manager