Elena Diehl
Gisela-Gymnasium, München/Germany (2000) on 2017-11-27

Hello Madiha! That's great! It is essential for us girls to fight against injustice, whether it be in school, in the workplace or somewhere else. I think that equal work should receive equal pay. Here in Germany, it is the legal norm that women make less money than men if they do the same job! In my opinion that is just unfair and needs to be changed. But I feel like nobody cares, and lots of people defend that system of gender inequality. I think that this is not ok and shouldn't be tolerated. Do you think there are any steps that us girls can take to fight for equality? -Elena

Madiha Bakshi
Gurugram Public School, Gurgaon/India (2002) on 2017-10-23

Dear Elena and Isabela Thanks for commenting on my article. I want to let you know that even today people in India prefer boys to girls because they think that boys carry their family name further even after their death. But they forget that daughters have proved to be their emotional support. They take care of their parents when they are sick or are in need. Though today girls are working shoulder to shoulder with men in all spheres of life. Even in Indian offices one can see more women working then men. The reason behind they are committed to their work. Even the Government of India is also working hard to save girl child. You will be shocked to know that in some states like Haryana tbe ratio of girls to boys is 800:1000 . That is why to maintain the balance in the ratio the government has come up with many plans. Even families are being encouraged to have girls. Even the names of streets are also being named on girl child born in a village. Don't you tbink it is incredible! Madiha Bakshi

Elena Diehl
Gisela-Gymnasium, München/Germany (2000) on 2017-09-27

Hello Madiha! I love the topic you chose to write about. I think that it is incredibly important to talk about issues like gender inequality, feminism and sexism, especially today. I think there shouldn't be any difference in the treatment of boys and girls as well as women and men. Every human being, no matter what sex, should have the same opportunities and be treated equally. Even though a lot of progress has been made in the past, we still have a long way to go. It is our duty to fight for our rights and to make the world a better place for all genders. What do you think we could do about the issue of gender inequality? I would love to hear your opinion!-Elena

Isabel Deville
Gisela-Gymnasium, München/Germany (2000) on 2017-09-26

Hi Madiha,I really liked your article about women rights. In my opinion it’s a very important topic to talk about.Here in Germany women and men are treated equally before the law, but there are still some inequalities for example as to the payment in some jobs. I didn’t know that so many Indian parents still prefer boys to girls! I hope the situation gets better soon! Do you think the two programs from the government (that you mentioned in the last sentence) could help to change something for the women in India?

by Madiha Bakshi (2002) Gurugram Public School, Gurgaon/India on 2017-09-14



The worth of a civilization can be very correctly assessed from the status that is bestowed on its women. Ascribing an honoured place to women in the society has been one among several aspects that justify the enormity of India’s ancient culture. Swami Vivekanand aptly said,” The best thermometer to the progress of nation is its treatment of women.” Down the lane of history of human development, the involvement of women has been as ardent as that of men. According to the ancient Hindu scriptures, every religious or social ceremony was considered incomplete without their appropriate participation which speaks volumes about the enormous dignity that women of the society enjoyed in the ancient times.

Enormous initiatives have been taken up worldwide to uplift the downtrodden women of our country and let them enjoy all the privilege that their equivalents enjoy. As the international feminist movement began to gain momentum during 1970s, the General Assembly declared 1975 as the International Women’s Year and organized the first World Conference on Women, held in Mexico City. The UN system has continued to impart exclusive attention to the issue of violence against women. It has been an imperative concern on a global scale to enhance the dignity of women. The issue of gender equality has been enshrined in the Indian Constitution in its Preamble, Fundamental Rights, Fundamental Duties and Directive Principles also. But still people prefer to have boys to girls in India. They forget that now girls are outshining the boys in the field of education, politics, technology, sports , science to space and many more . They even have touched the land of moon, measured the heights of Mount Everest, working shoulder to shoulder with men folk in all spheres of life. Women of our country have come forward to prove their worth in all spheres. The present government of India has launched twin programmes of “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao” and “Sukanya Samridhi Accouont in a bid to encourage birth and education of girls .