Tara Schauer
Gisela-Gymnasium, M√ľnchen/Germany (1998) on 2018-01-15

Dear Anushka, You are very talented in writing poems! In your poem you adress a very important topic: Integration. Even though it could be so easy to integrate everybody, integration and equality are still difficult to achieve in many countries. I have already learned some things about the caste system in India. It would interest me, how you notice or realize this topic and how much it affects your life! Greetings from Germany Tara

A Poem on on National Integration- INDIA
by Anushka Gupta Gurugram Public School, Gurgaon/India on 2017-10-23

India,a land full of diversity

A motherly heart for its every child

Then what about physical imparity?

And fights with the neighbouring wild



Social networking as a revenge

What to choose globalisation or isolation?

Range of language is a challenge

Are these reasons for integration or separation?


Religion and politics are separated

Then what about caste separation?

Poor diseased not to be isolated

Clothing marks diversity or segregation


We wanna live in integration

Where appearance doesn`t matter