Panel Discussion on Youth & Politics 2020
by Lothar Thiel (Project Manager) on 2020-04-26

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Panel Discussion on Youth & Politics 2020 | Podiumsdiskussion über Jugend & Politik 2020

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On 6 March 2020 a panel discussion was held in the theater cellar (room k25) of the Gisela-Gymnasium in Munich on the question "Youth & Politics 2020. Is there something possible? What can be achieved?" It was organized by the intercultural youth magazine trait d`union and the k25-Theater of Gisela-Gymnasium.

From very different perspectives, these guests reported and discussed about political commitment of young people: Benedikt Breil (Federation of German Catholic Youth and SPD), Eila Förschner (One Billion Rising), Dr. Markus Kiechle (seminary teacher for chemistry at Gisela-Gymnasium Munich), Noah Sari (independent journalist and freelancer at ARTE), Hannah Schober, (Fridays For Future Munich) and Lara Strauss (TEDxYouth@Munich). Yassine Ipekli & Katharina Ortner from the project team moderated the discussion.


These questions were at issue:

How did you come to get politically involved? Was there a key experience?

How can young people be mobilized?

What do older people think about the political commitment of young people? Does the dialogue between the generations work?

How can people be persuaded to change their habits if the fight against climate change requires it?

What role do social media play in the politicization of today`s youth? What opportunities and risks do they entail?

Should necessary changes be driven forward with radicalism or with a willingness to compromise?

Tolerance for intolerance? How to deal with discrimination in public discourse? Should we talk to racists or exclude them?

Is personal involvement a prerequisite for political commitment? Or is everyone free to choose their political goals?

Doesn`t permanent polarizing conflict in democracy lead many people to wish for a strong leader?


Questions and a statement also came from the audience, i.e. from students of the Gisela-Gymnasium:

Can the radicalism of the 1968 movement be a model for today`s youth? What does it actually mean to be radical?

Is it not undemocratic to exclude democratically elected parties?

Is there any possibility of a compromise between the radical and the compromising proponents of change?

The statement: Even right-wing radicals have children. They grow up with a huge hatred for the system of government and know nothing else. It is important to help them to break away from the world view of their parents and to give them a different perspective on things.


And here is the video of the panel discussion on youth & politics 2020 on trait d`union TV.


After 2018/19, this school year trait d`union and the k25-Theater of the Gisela Gymnasium in Munich are joining forces for the second time in a cooperation project, this time under the general topic "What moves young people and what do they move around the year 2020?”

The kick-off was once again a three-day workshop in which the students were trained by experienced experts in the field of journalism. Invited were Angela Roethe and Dr. Cornelia von Schelling from the online newspaper of creative seniors  (nominated for the Grimme Online Award 2019), who gave coaching on the subject of interviews, Noah Sari, independent journalist and freelancer at ARTE, who reported on his career as a journalist, and Manuele Deho, CEO of glasfilm, who explained the basic rules and gave practical tips for creating video reports to the students. The workshop ended with the panel discussion on youth & politics 2020.


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