Yassine Ipekli
Gisela-Gymnasium, München/Germany (2002) on 2020-07-07

Chapeau, a monochrome Weird Reality; I highly appreciate your work as it manages to capture regular scenes and people in their modus operandi. Since its arisal, photography has been the nonpareil of mankind´s artistical History and your contribution shows, needless to say! Adding onto your already magnificient opus, the even lesser discussed topic of homeless individuals got involved in your stream of photos. Let´s see, if we´ll talk about a weird future!

Katharina Ortner
Gisela-Gymnasium, München/Germany (2002) on 2020-06-24

The photos you took are beautiful! The black and white gives them a nice feel and captures the monotony of the quarantine weeks, in my opinion, but sometimes it was a bit hard to make everything out because there was so much black, like in the restaurant picture. The texts you wrote complemented the photos nicely and tied everything together! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work!

Weird Reality - die Corona-Krise in München
by Ferdinand Putz (2002) Gisela-Gymnasium, München/Germany on 2020-06-20

A photo reportage with impressions of the life in Munich during the Corona crisis. Please click here! 

Eine Fotoreportage mit Impressionen vom Leben in München während der Corona-Krise. Bitte hier klicken!